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The Invisible Patients: New report reveals failings in commissioning neurology services


Many thanks to the 122 people with myasthenia who responded to our call to take part in the recent Neurological Alliance patient survey - the results have now been published:

A new report by the Neurological Alliance shows that commissioners are not prioritising improvement of neurology services. The report, which is based on a survey of almost 7,000 neurology patients and a Freedom of Information audit of clinical commissioners, reveals a number of findings including:

• Only 14.7% of clinical commissioning groups have assessed local costs relating to the provision of neurology services, while
• only 26.2% of CCGs have made an assessment of the prevalence of neurological conditions in their area
• These issues have a significant impact on patients’ care, with 58.1% of patients having experienced problems in accessing the services or treatment they need.

Read the full report here

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